Tim Campbell

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    On March 12 I received the air worthiness certificate for my challenger II CWS project. The plane was then disassembled and transported to the private field where it was put back together. Besides a few scrapes that I will touch up later, the move went smoothly.
    This past Sunday the local dealer came down and
inspected my work. He said it looked great and was ready to fly. Unfortunately the weather wasn't so cooperative. The winds had been high and gusty all day long. Late in the afternoon about 6:00 pm the winds had calmed down enough for a safe test flight. The dealer (George Kyle) strapped in and after checking the engine and flight controls he began the takeoff roll. With my breath held, N660TC leaped into the air. IT FLIES!!! George took her around the pattern for a while and after he was sure it flew as advertised he returned to the field with a great landing. The darkness was beginning to take hold and left no time for me to experience the thrill of flight.
    Of course the next few days were
filled with bad weather and all I could do was think about the upcoming flight.  Tonight (wed.) I met another challenger pilot at the field after work. We preflighted and climbed in. After an engine warm-up and checking everything again we taxied to the end of the field. I made sure my backup was ready to assist if needed and then applied full power. We quickly accelerated and before I knew it we were in the air. I made a climbing left turn to head towards open fields and another neighboring private airstrip just in case something happened. It was great. Many folks had said how good it would feel to experience flight in something I had built. They didn't even come close. It was right up there with my first solo flight. After a little flying in the area it was time for some landings. The first one I came in to high and went around again. The next one I touched down and my copilot helped me through it I took off again and staying in the pattern set up for another try. This one felt better as I approached and I made the landing although it wasn't very graceful. I didn't even bend anything thanks again to my back seat coach. It was getting dark so I decided to call it quits for the night.
    I owe a debt of gratitude to many people for helping me get through this
process. Everyone on this list has contributed. My dealer George Kyle and many local folks, especially Keith V. have steered me back on track when problems arose or when I just didn't understand something. I also am very lucky to have a supportive wife who encouraged me through this project. And last but not least to Mr. Dave Goulet for designing a fine aircraft. Thank you to all who have helped and answered my silly questions.


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