Jim Hayward
Rapid City, SD

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CUNPACK (1).GIF (93664 bytes) Unpacking the fuselage.
CINVENTO (1).GIF (94977 bytes) Taking inventory in the dining room.
CAILERON (1).GIF (91481 bytes) Getting the aileron attached.  Yeah, the house ain't exactly small!
CHELP (1).GIF (88275 bytes) Wife Linda and her mom Agnes putting the chaffing tape on for me. Agnes repaired fuselages out at Ellsworth AFB during WW II.  She really enjoyed herself this particular afternoon.
CG'SON (1).GIF (108215 bytes) Grandson Trevor helping install the fuel tank.  He was feeling quite important!
CWING (1).GIF (85178 bytes) Installing the wingrib rivets.  True *homebuilding*!!  The blue areas are the Blue River process I've been using.  I can glue up in the house with absolutely no bothersome fumes.  What we do smell is a slight rubbery smell.   The glue is very secure after about 4 hours or so.  Everything cleans up with water but do it quickly!
CPANEL (1).GIF (92614 bytes) Ye old instrument panel.  There's an ICOM A-22, a Magellan 2000XL, an EIS monitor with altimeter, an airspeed, and compass.  Out of sight and nestled up under the root tube where those two fuselage tubes attach to the root tube is an Alinco ' 2-meter ham radio transceiver about the size of a deck of cards.  The panel hinges down at the bottom so I can work on it if necessary.
CSTORAGE (1).GIF (123827 bytes) Here's the battery box in my forward storage compartment.  The floor under the box hinges at the front of the box to allow storage under it.  The nose is completely  enclosed in aluminum sheet metal to protect the fabric from items shifting around in the nose area and being damaged.  The back wall of the storage area is about 15" from the nose and completely seals off the cockpit.
CPITOT (1).GIF (97581 bytes) The pitot and static combination tube.  I used some of that aluminum brazing rod that melts with a propane torch to make the tubes.  They are 1/4" inside 1/2" tubes and worked out rather nicely.  I got the location idea from you, JD and really like it up there out of the way.  I do think I've got many more static pressure holes in it than is necessary and will probably wind up closing most of them off.
CWIFE (1).GIF (101495 bytes) Wife Linda politely chiding me, "Is it ever gonna be ready???"
CCOVER (1).GIF (95673 bytes) Time to cover the fuselage.  This is *really* a homebuilt project!
CFUSELAG (1).GIF (89191 bytes) Fuselage is done.  Linda chided me about leaving airplane tire tracks on her carpet!  It was a welcome sight to reach this point.
wing.gif (82182 bytes) The wings as stored in our bedroom. The UV coating/primer is in place waiting for the paint scheme.
tail.gif (84826 bytes) The tail pieces are finished and getting ready for the clear coat. I'm really getting anxious!
paint1.gif (91910 bytes) The fuselage has the white coat on and I've masked off where the yellow will be along with the white that will remain white.
paint2.gif (84209 bytes) The yellow has been put on and most of the masking removed here.
paint3.gif (93793 bytes) I just had to get this picture before Linda took the film in for developing.  The clear coat had been put on the night before so was pretty much ready for the outside world!
paint4.gif (75282 bytes) Tail feathers, prop drive, and prop are all installed. The dorsal fin needs another coat of paint and will be done when the wings are painted so it's not installed yet.
paint5.gif (95765 bytes) Here's a side shot of the paint job.
C2NoseBrace.jpg (51696 bytes) I used some 3/8" steel rod to brace the nose gear against sideloads. A piece of thin walled steel pipe was cut lengthwise then lightly hammering it on the concrete floor until it opened up enough to fit over the aluminum crossmember. The two pieces were then clamped in place near the ends of the aluminum tube and the 3/8" rod tack welded in place. The whole assembly was then removed, welded, and reinstalled.
C2PedalCover.jpg (38740 bytes) Since I didn't like the rocking action of the pedals, I modified them to feel more like the GA aircraft I was used to flying. I removed the heel supports from the metal pedals and drilled 4 holes - 2 near the top and 2 near the bottom. I made wood blocks from piggybacking two 2x4 pieces of wood together then cutting a rounded taper so the blocks would "feel" like a pedal with horizontal motion instead of rocking. These pedal blocks also moved me the 3" or so nearer the pedals that I needed to be when I was sitting in the seat so my legs weren't so straight out in front of me. The floorboard allows my feet and legs to change position for comfort.
C2PedalBlock.jpg (41495 bytes) Here's a closer shot of the wood pedals that mounted on the metal pedals.  A piece of sheetmetal was fabricated to cover the wood and attached with some screws. I'm really pleased with the overall result of the pedals and floorboard.
jhayward23.jpg (200865 bytes) She's finally finished!  Angel's Breath is anxiously waiting to go.
2001 Memorial Day Fly-in at Salem, SD. 
gaspumps.jpg (81835 bytes) 10/29/01.  There's probably very few places left in the States that can allow you to land on a road and pull up to a gas station like this.   The Kadoka truck stop on I-90 in SD is one of them.

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