J.D. Stewart's C-II
Owner, UltraFun AirSports,  Norfolk, NE

This C-II has been sold to Mike Johnson.

5/23/04.  I sold my Titan a couple months ago, and the prospect of not flying anything while building the new one didn't do much for me, so the search was on for a good used Challenger for a decent price.  I finally found one at Erie Air Park where Dan was selling his.  Here we exchange a piece of paper for an airplane.  :>)
Getting strapped in while Dan checks out the nose hatch.
Check out the 3rd door option that's almost standard equipment at Erie Air Park   Getting out of the plane is very easy.
Here's a picture back when Dan owned it.
Getting ready to leave for the 400 mile trip back home.
Posing with Jim Robinson, owner of Erie Air Park and our host for the weekend.
At home in the hangar.  Here's a good shot of the 3rd door.
The plane has been hangared all its life with the exception of a brief period while a hangar was being worked on.  Unfortunately, it sat through a hailstorm during that time where some pellets went through the fabric.  The wings were patched, but you can see the patches if you look carefully.  One is visible in this picture above the rudder, on the wing.
The nose hatch holds the battery, tools and about 4 bottles of oil.  Very handy storage.
The instrument panel is complete, and includes an Icom A-3 radio. 

See J.D.'s previous Challenger, and how it was built:

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