J.D. Stewart's C-II Part III
Owner, UltraFun AirSports, Norfolk, NE

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ndn1.tif (862026 bytes) 2/3/99 Norfolk Daily News article.  Front Page!
chalrans.jpg (27157 bytes) Sunday, February 28th, 1999.  My fellow BFI Pat Schmitz comes over with his Rans S-12XL to go play in the air with me.
chall2.jpg (25432 bytes) 2 Birds, ready for flight, and some aerial photography.
chall3.jpg (16378 bytes) Pat's pretty coordinated to fly and shoot these pictures at the same time.  
chall1.jpg (17917 bytes) Peeling away for an underside shot.  This was a fun day.
gearbend.jpg (29265 bytes) My way of straightening gear legs using a vise.  I had the leg inserts, so when a student bent them a bit, it took quite a lot to get them back again.   Notice the iron bar bending from the pressure.  UPDATE: I've added fiberglass legs to the plane, and all the gear problems have disappeared.  It's one of the best modifications you can do.
jdnchan_small.jpg (1657 bytes) J.D., Sam, and Chan Shippy on the way to Oshkosh '99.  This was quite the adventure, and we had tailwinds BOTH ways.  :>) 
jdmsstrs.jpg (26710 bytes) J.D. with Miss "Tress"  (Get it?)  Sam and I painted this a few days before the trip.
noseart.jpg (19262 bytes) Close-up view of my lady.  :>)
oshfarm (24049 bytes) J.D. and Sam, with Miss Tress, down on the Farm, at Oshkosh '99.  The Red UL barn is in the background.
Creighton.jpg (40261 bytes) Creighton, NE Fly-in with Chan and Brad.  6/18/00
bombdrop1.jpg (30255 bytes) 2001 ANUG competitions.  J.D. and Miss Tress win all the competitions in their category.
steakrun1.jpg (33101 bytes) steakrun3.jpg (81855 bytes) Memorial weekend, '02, during the Founders Fly-In Steakhouse Run.  Curt took some great shots.
During the River Run on the way back home.
jdtoys1.jpg (23757 bytes) He who dies with the most toys.....

J.D. at '01 Lavitsef Fly-in, showing how well the Challenger can slip.  Movie1  Movie2

Check out J.D.'s new plane.

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