1st Annual
Challenger List Founders

Memorial Day Weekend '01
Salem, SD

founders2.jpg (55747 bytes)
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Jim Hayward, J.D. Stewart, Brad Stiefvater and Chan Shippy are the original members of the Challenger list, starting out by just CCing each other e-mails while Chan, Jim and J.D. were building their planes.  J.D., being in the ISP biz, started up an e-mail list from there.

Even though it was a Challenger Fly-in, everyone was invited and the list's favorite Messican brought his Titan all the way from Elk Mound, WI.  Jose made the weekend fun and interesting.

Sunday evening, everyone went up and buzzed the town, and did some on-the-deck flying in SD's plentiful flat fields.  BBQ'd ribs, burgers, brats, beer and BS filled up the rest of the night.

Brad1.jpg (30144 bytes)Brad2.jpg (24215 bytes) Brad's C-II.  Brad made a smoke machine out of a weed sprayer.
Chan1.jpg (22474 bytes)
Chan2.jpg (24280 bytes)Chan3.jpg (60252 bytes) Chan's C-I
Jim1.jpg (18232 bytes)
Jim2.jpg (38938 bytes) Jim's C-II.  Here's Jim taking off towards home.

Jose1.jpg (55574 bytes) Jose's Titan
josedogs3.jpg (62030 bytes)josedogs2.jpg (62688 bytes)josedogs1.jpg (63114 bytes) Brad's dogs playing with Jose.

founders3.jpg (39103 bytes)group1.jpg (34503 bytes)group2.jpg (35855 bytes)SDFlyin1.jpg (40346 bytes)  The whole gang, including a couple of Challenger owners who drove in.

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