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From Russ Hauser:  What happens when you hand-prop a plane the wrong way.  "I just happened to be a witness. It's the result of a possibly open throttle, lots of starter fluid, and an unrestrained aircraft. It's just luck that the fence stopped the plane. The BRS was attached to the right main LG and deployed when the gear leg sheared off. The perpetrator had been hired by the plane's owner to find out why the engine was so hard to start. He did repair the plane as good as new."
From J.D. Stewart on 10/23/04. 

While delivering my C-II to its new owner, I got up to an amazing 50mph tailwind and once hit 55.  Top ground speed was 136mph when I kicked in the throttle a little bit..  Note that I was just about over the Quad City Airport at the time.

light.jpg (35415 bytes)

From Manfred Gottschalch

Here's a picture of my plane with my new strobe light on it. I put it together with parts I had laying around. It's a bit heavy but I have no problems with everyone seeing me. 

manual.jpg (16683 bytes)

From Jim Lartin-Drake

Who says the Challenger manual isn't good enough to wipe your, uh, isn't good for nothing.... Why, I was needing to level my Challenger for laying out stripes on the side and I needed something that wasn't quite 7/8 of a inch and yet was a mite more than 3/4 of a inch.  Guess what I found!


Gear Up!
gear_up.jpg (40925 bytes)

So you think YOUR Challenger is fast?  
Here's Miss "Tress" blowing through the sound barrier.  :>)
f18boom1.jpg (23429 bytes)

Jim Lartin-Drake saw this plane at the annual Father's Day fly-in at Footlight Ranch in PA.  Sure looks like the ultimate solution for bent-gear paranoia.
gearlegs.jpg (48158 bytes)

Brad Stiefvater flying above the clouds, with a big pointy tower sticking out of them.  He also caught the elusive "Glory" shot that same day.
cloudstick.jpg (93522 bytes)
bradglory.jpg (43009 bytes)

Mike Harrison sent this in.  It's the plane Frank Beagle is instructing in (Air Male).  Seems Mike has a good idea about getting a little more thrust out of the C-II......High Thrust option.jpg (17025 bytes)

Check this photo out. It is of my friend Kenny Downard from Louisville, Kentucky. This picture was taken at the Louisville International Airport during a grand opening of a new runway.   Kenny built this CII CWS a couple of years ago and flys it as much as most people drive a car.
Submitted by Charlie Boehnlein

J.D. Stewart's nightmare of a paint job :>)
wildc2.jpg (43445 bytes)

Here's another one...
wwmelon.gif (35574 bytes)

How many of you would be able to use the kitchen for a workshop???

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