Oil injection

Yes, it can be done on a Challenger with a GPL starter.  Here's some pictures of how J.D. did his.

inject1.jpg (43320 bytes) First of all, drill a little hole in the center of the starter cover plate.  There's a nib in the center of the black gear housing that will stick up there.  Decide where you want the pump and drill the other holes by centering the black housing and marking the holes on the plate.  I put mine at about the 2 O'clock position (viewed on the plane), and almost got in the way of one of the 4 mounting bolts.  Next time, it'll be at 3 O'clock. 
inject2.jpg (56447 bytes) I went to Menards and found these nylon spacers, which I cut down to around 3/4", to support the black housing.  Total cost for the spacers, hardware and aluminum sheet was around $7.
inj1.jpg (41342 bytes) I used 1 1/4" 10/24 fine thread allen screws with nylocks, to hold everything together.  The screws were the same size as the hole in the spacers, so they threaded right in and stayed tight.  Be sure and grease the nylon gears before you put everything together.
inj2.jpg (49906 bytes) The pump is mounted on the outside of the plate.
inj3.jpg (40776 bytes) I traced a plate out on the aluminum sheet and cut it out.  Note:  Next time, do the tracing BEFORE it's mounted to the starter plate.  Makes for much cleaner lines.  The hex-head screws were almost too short, so I used a dab of locktite to make sure the nylocks wouldn't go anywhere.  Maybe use 1 1/2" screws next time.
inj4.jpg (55623 bytes) The finished product mounted on the engine (sitting on the bench, upright).  Oil lines are connected.  Throttle/injection cable is from Bob Robertson.  
inject5.jpg (25390 bytes) After cruising through an auto salvage yard, the windshield washer bottle out of a Chevy Luv pickup looked to be the right size.  $10 got the bottle, pump and bracket.  Later on, I decided that the nipple at the bottom was too small, so I drilled it out, and installed a larger brass nipple.  
inject6.jpg (31081 bytes) The indentation at the bottom of the bottle was where the pump sat, and it just happened to be the same size as the big nut on the re-drive.  One could almost mount it right there.
inject8.jpg (43340 bytes) A 2" piece of brass plate was formed as a mount for the bracket, which slides onto it.  There's slightly over a quart of oil in the bottle in this picture.
inject7.jpg (38166 bytes) The bottle is about the same height as the redrive, so the drag penalty should be minimal.
inject3.jpg (37594 bytes) Talk about a close fit!  I actually had to bend the pump arm a bit to clear the firewall.  When running, the clearance will increase, so it will be no problem.
inject4.jpg (45425 bytes) The finished product, with the new throttle cables installed.

Bob Robertson's oil injection kit that he sells.
Light Aero Engine
pump1.jpg (21294 bytes)pump2.jpg (24196 bytes)pump3.jpg (24162 bytes)pump4.jpg (22874 bytes)
Chan Shippy sent me these pictures of Bob's kit that he put on his C-I.

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